Term Themes

Led by the children’s interests we explore special topics each term.  This allows us to plan special activities and resources.

At the start of each term you will be given a brief outline of the theme week by week.  This is so that you are aware of what we are doing at Playgroup and can discuss this with your child if you wish.

We welcome any parental involvement, so if you are able to come and join in or offer information regarding any of our themes or activities please speak to a member of staff.  We are always grateful for parental input.  Just a few of the things that parents have done in the past are : drumming, cooking, showing special clothes, bringing in resources, and doing talks to name but a few.

We always welcome information regarding ethnicity, culture, religion and recognise that we cannot know all the intricacies.  We are grateful for any input you can offer to help us.